NeuroSuit is suitable to treat the following:

• Cerebral Palsy
• Global Developmental Delays
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Near Drowning Accidents
• Post stroke (CVA)
• Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
• Ataxia
• Athethosis
• Spasticity
• Hypotonia
• Parkinson Disease
• Chromosomal Disorders
• Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Any neurological impairment that will not make the condition worse with exercise or additional weight bearing


The following are examples of just some of the benefits that would be noticed:

• Re-trains the central nervous system
• Provides external stabilization
• Normalizes muscle tone
• Aligns the body to as close to normal as possible
• Provides dynamic correction
• Normalizes (corrects) gait pattern
• Provides tactile stimulation
• Influences vestibular system
• Improves balance
• Improves coordination
• Decreases uncontrolled movement in ataxia and athethosis
• Improves body and spatial awareness
• Supports weak muscles
• Provide resistance to strong muscles to further enhance strengthening
• Improves speech production and it's fluency through head control and trunk support
• Promotes development of both fine and gross motor skills
• Improves bone density
• Helps to decrease contracture
• Improves hip alignment through vertical loading over the hip joint.


Although the NeuroSuit can help a host of many conditions, there are some however in which the NeuroSuit would NOT be recommended.

• Spinal conditions where additional weight bearing would cause harm (vertical weight bearing) i.e. spinal atrophy, severe osteoporosis, low bone density, severe scoliosis

• Epilepsy/Seizures
• Hip dislocation/subluxation greater than 40%
• Any condition that would be contraindicated to intensive exercises and its effect on the body and/or condition i.e. cancer, end stage kidney disease, some cardiac conditions

• Easy susceptibility to bone fractures i.e. arthrogryposis, brittle bone disease
• Progressive disorders such as muscular dystrophy

Precautions for Using the NeuroSuit:

The following list are conditions which would require ADDITIONAL PRECAUTIONS but would not prevent one from benefiting from using the NeuroSuit.

• Seizures recently controlled
• Previous fractures
• Minimal hip subluxations
• Low Bone Density
• Mild Scoliosis
• Recent illness
• Infectious disease
• Acute illnesses such as fever, viruses


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